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André Norman

Andre Norman, motivational speaker, inspirational coach, and author.

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College Talks

Criminal Justice Courses
The lecture is about how the criminal justice system affects different segments of society, from the perspective of an ex-prisoner.

Psychology Courses
Lectures focus on the thinking behind criminal behavior.

Sociology Courses
The lecture addresses various aspects of how crime affects our societies and what can de done about it.

Social Work Courses
The lecture presents best practices for dealing with clients with criminal records.

Urban Politics Courses
This lecture addresses the various ways in which crime interacts with the urban political landscape.

Journalism Courses
This lecture addresses the ins and outs of reporting on crime in urban areas and the effects that such reporting has beyond the actual story.

The D.O.C.
This lecture focuses on the American prison system.  Specifically, it highlights the realities of prison life, and how it affects its population.

This lecture presents the basics of gangs: why they form; who joins them; daily life in them; and their impact on society.

Da ‘Hood
This lecture is about street life in urban America.

The Wire
This lecture addresses the issues of drug and alcohol abuse, how to say “no,” what to say “yes” to, how to get help for yourself and your friends. It also discusses the hard issue of addiction.