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André Norman

Andre Norman, motivational speaker, inspirational coach, and author.

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Church Talks

Mentoring Ex-Offenders
This presentation is about how churches can effectively mentor ex-offenders. It addresses obstacles and how to overcome them to build a truly integrated church.

Street Outreach
This presentation lays out best practices in street outreach for church workers.

Prison Outreach
This presentation is for church leaders and members interested in doing outreach to prisoners. It provides methods for effective ministry.

They’re Here, Now What? Closing the Gap
This presentation is about identifying and closing the gap between “churched” people and ex-offenders/gang members.

Andre J. Norman’s personal story.

Witnessing to an Ex-Offender or Gang Member
This presentation presents strategies for ensuring that the Gospel message of salvation is effectively communicated and retained.

Juvenile Outreach
This presentation lays out best practices for working with and training juveniles who are in the street or in detention centers. The purpose is to open the lines of communication with this population so that they are able to benefit from church programs and evangelism.

Prison Mentality
This presentation lays out the three basic personality types of inmates, how to recognize them, and effectively minister to them.

Youth Night: I
This presentation teaches church youth about gangs and drugs and how to engage them in light of the Gospel.

Youth Night: II
This presentation engages church youth around popular culture and how they can interpret what they are exposed to by using Gospel values.

Catholic CCD Classes
Roman Catholic Cursillo: The Fourth Day (Declores). Andre J. Norman shares how the Roman  Catholic church reached out and introduced him to Jesus.


Andre Norman provides consulting and training for non-profits, cities, prison systems, juvenile detention centers, foundations, and other institutions on how to create effective programming that addresses the needs of high-risk youth and adults. He has several years of experience in the areas of mentoring ex-offenders (both adult and juveniles), street outreach, and working with parole and probation officers. His services are tailored to the specific needs of the client, with whom he works closely to develop individualized programs and training materials.