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André Norman

Andre Norman, motivational speaker, inspirational coach, and author.

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Andre Norman: Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Coach

Andre J. Norman is an international motivational speaker and inspirational coach for a wide range of audiences and institutions, such as London Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard Divinity School, Compton High School, Prudential Insurance Company UK, and the Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

Custom Programs

Drawing from his extensive work with a wide range of clients, Andre also designs custom programs and workshops for churches and corporate executives, and specialized programs and courses for schools.


Whether talking to corporate executives from around the world, youth in high schools, or church groups, Andre has a unique ability to connect with his audience in a deeply personal and meaningful way. He has several years of experience in reaching, helping, electrifying, and empowering audiences. In the fall, he will be a visiting lecturer at Tufts University, teaching a course on prisoner re-entry.


Andre’s message is compelling and inspiring, thought provoking, yet fun. He has spoken to thousands, and shared a stage with politicians, professors, corporate executives, church leaders, and students. Andre has appeared in newspapers, on television, and on radio.


Andre’s testimony of overcoming abuse, illiteracy, and prison to become successful touches everyone who hears him, inspiring them to re-evaluate their lives, who they are, and who they want to be. Youth and adults alike respond powerfully to his message, and leave motivated to change for the better.


Young people, who struggle with issues such as drugs, sex, peer pressure, and respect for parents respond to Andre’s ability to challenge and encourage them to make good decisions, and connect to caring adults in their lives.


Corporate executives who seek to become more creative and think outside the box find fresh perspective and inspiration in Andre’s unique approach to teamwork and productivity.


Non-profit organizations seeking to strengthen their strategic plans to better fulfill their missions, or create and improve outreach and retention programs for high-risk populations (gangs, ex-offenders) can benefit from Andre’s expertise.